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Silver Cleaning

Whether we're talking about silver jewelry, cutlery or other silverware – they all tend to present unpleasant black stains over time. Those black stains are called 'tarnishes'. Well, silverware are tarnishing due to their sensitivity to oxygen. Silver tarnish is a form of corrosion but the good side of it is that it does not destroy the underlying metal and can be removed relatively easily.

There are numerous methods for cleaning your silver goods. With little effort and time of your day you can reach very impressive results. It's time to show off your silver.

  • The 'Natural' method

For this method all you'll need is:

  1. Salt

  2. Baking soda powder

  3. Aluminum foil

  4. Containing bowl

First thing's first – place an aluminum soil (glossy side up) on the bottom of the bowl. Then, boil water to later mix with the baking soda and salt. While the water is boiling, pour a spoon of the salt and baking soda into the bowl. As soon as the water reaches boiling point, pour inside the bowl and place silverware on top of the aluminum foil. Let sit for approx. 1 minute and wipe dry with a soft towel / rag. Your amazing piece should shine bright and be displayed in pride.

  • The 'Professional' way

This method uses manufactured materials for REALLY making sure the silverware gloss. A lot of silver cleaning materials are out there, most of them will do the job, it all depends on your personal preference. You can choose anywhere from cleaning liquids, cottons or ointments. We, for many years now, prefer special cottons that are pre-absorbed with very little cleaning liquid (see picture).

silver cleaning
Tarnish Guard

Please be advised that it is recommended that you use gloves while applying the material.

All you really have to do it cut a small piece of the cotton and while using a circular motion, gently rub the material onto to silverware. Don't worry – the black marks that the cottons leave are all part of the plan and will come right off.

Now, once you have finished, use a soft towel / rag to wipe the silverware dry. How perfect does it shine now, right?


Sometimes dealers, such as we, get silverware in such bad shape that we have to use equipment such as brushes to fully polish the piece. Please do not hesitate contacting us on any matter, even more – we would like to welcome you personally to our shop.

Good luck.

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