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A set of three silver serving bowls. Made in Czechoslovakia, silver 800 and hallmarked by FB (Franz Bibus)

10/10. Unimpaired

Measurements (Approx.):
2 small bowls:
Width - 16.5cm
Height - 7cm
Length - 16.5cm
Weight - 240 + 235 grams

Large bowls:
Width - 19cm
Height - 4cm
Length - 27.5cm
Weight - 348 grams

Silver Serving Bowls

SKU: 1006
  • Bibus founded a workshop for small silverware in 1883 and later started making silverplated objects, too. In 1908 production of cutlery was taken up and since 1915 Bibus also produced larger tableware. In the late 1920's or early 1930's he also took up production of stainless cutlery and tableware. Looks like the company was privately owned until 1973. In that year it seems to have been taken over by the Czech state and renamed “Rostex” (literally: “Nostain”).

    After 1900 Bibus made some striking objects in the art nouveau style of the “Wiener Werkstätten”. Later he produced strikingly modernistic cutlery and tableware although, so far it is not known who designed all these objects. 

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